Our Story

Hillside Legal was founded in 2012 based upon the primary principle that the practice of law should be focused on clients and their needs. We wanted to create a law firm that was accessible and friendly. The firm began in Sydney's beautiful Hills District - which is where we grew up, went to school and still call home.

Since our inception, we have grown to become one of the most loved and respected law firms in the area. We have achieved this by ensuring that our clients are always treated with respect, compassion and integrity. Our success is based upon our ability to provide clients with personalised, high quality legal services at reasonable rates.

What makes us different? Perhaps it is our ability to craft creative solutions to complex legal issues, or perhaps it is the fact that when our clients want to speak with us they do – even if it is after hours. It may be that our solicitors are happy to organise home visits really late at night (because that is the only time our client is available), or that our clients will not get passed from one secretary to another whilst they attempt to get in touch with their legal representative.

We relish our client relationships and invest in those relationships for the long term and we would be delighted to talk to you about your legal needs.

Our Values

At Hillside Legal we focus on client service and results. Every decision we make at Hillside Legal is tested and measured against the following core values:

  • Dedication to service: we consistently deliver the highest quality of service to our clients.
  • Accessibility: when you want to speak with your solicitor, you will speak with your solicitor. Your case will never be ignored and you will get personal attention from a solicitor who cares for your case as if it is their own. You will be updated on the progress of your case and we will always be just a call or an email away, to offer you the explanation and guidance that you need.
  • Honesty: We place great emphasis on building relations with clients – we’re not interested in short-term gain. We believe that it is from honesty that trust and loyalty are built and we look forward to creating relationships based on these values.
  • Integrity: Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways. We couldn't say it better ourselves.
  • Excellence: we are perfectionists and we challenge ourselves to execute flawlessly. We strive to stand out by always stretching our capabilities and consistently exceeding expectations.

Fixed Fee Pricing

Traditionally, solicitors charge on a time costing basis – meaning clients are billed for every phone call, every letter, every conference. Our solicitors do not have minimum billing requirements and aim to provide maximum service at the lowest reasonable price. To work within your budget, we offer fixed fees for most of our matters and services. This efficient billing approach offers you the predictability of knowing how much you will have to pay at the outset. You can rest assured knowing that you can pick up the phone and speak with us if you have a query or concern without a blowout of your bill.

How We Give Back

Our unique firm model includes a commitment to improving and giving back to our community. We represent charitable organisations for no charge and often have stalls at local fundraisers.